About Me

I have worked in Texas public policy and legislative politics for over 30 years. My résumé includes three years as a senior policy advisor to Governor Ann Richards, who also appointed me to the State Board of Insurance; six years as the chief of staff to State Senator Rodney Ellis of Houston; and 11 years as the legislative policy director and chief lobbyist for Travis County, the seat of Texas government.  I’ve also worked as an advocate for safety net hospitals, in addition to representing other interests before the Legislature.

Along the way, I have also been a high school teacher, a university instructor, and a community organizer. I sing and play the guitar badly but enthusiastically.

I grew up in San Antonio and attended the University of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s University and The University of Texas School of Law. 

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Deece Eckstein was not born in Texas, but got here as quick as he could. He spent 40 years in state government/politics, and retired from county government in time for the pandemic. He now splits his time between Austin and the Trans-Pecos.